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Here are some more great shows to choose from this year. We highly recommend you book your tickets for these shows asap! Get them before they go. 


Company: The Hungry Bitches

"Years ago Katherine and Juliette found a way to remain young forever. But their eternal friendship has finally run its course. Katherine is filled with regret about their past and falls in love with young, fiery Lily. Juliette realises she will lose her soul mate to Lily, and decides to take action, with fatal consequences. A tragedy about love, loss and the beauty of youth, inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray. The Hungry Bitches will take you on a journey to the comically sycophantic east London hipster scene for an epic and moving tale of ill-fated love"

Facehunters runs from the 2-27th August at 20:50 and lasts for 1 hour and 14 mins. It is at venue 34 (c Venues). It is a 12+. £9.50 (£7.50 C)

To find out more visit their official Facebook page

You can also follow them on twitter @hungry_bitches

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A Grave Reunion

Company: Stage Write Productions

"A 'poetrical' - a play containing poetry that's interwoven into the dialogue. Four university graduates reunite at the wake of a disreputable former acquaintance 10 years after graduating. The deceased has taken a disturbing secret to his grave that has had a profound effect on one of their lives without them even realising. This dark revelation was dead and buried until now! Adapted from a radio play it challenges the traditional notion of respect for the dead. It shows the emotional unfolding of a chance reunion between fundamentally different people exposing the contents of their hearts!" 

A grave Reunion is on from the 20-25th August at the space @ surgeon halls. It starts at 17:05 and lasts for 50 minutes. It is a 14+ and is at venue 53. It is £7.50 (£5.50 C)

Watch the promo video here

Follow them on twitter @agravereunion

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Catriona Knox- hellcat 

Group: Mick Perrin for Just For Laughs Live

Back after last year's critically acclaimed hit show. This time the volume's been turned up even higher. Acutely well-observed and high octane, this is the ultimate in red-blooded character comedy. Including 80 rare-breed dogs, a cavalcade of dancing monkeys and one hellcat (line-up subject to change.) 'Hilariously executed with commitment, verve and a cracking script – endlessly entertaining' **** ( 'Knox inhabits her characters like squatters in an Islington townhouse' **** ( 'Near ridiculously pitch perfect. The room erupted with everything she said' **** ( 'Deliciously entertaining' **** ( 

Catriona Knox - Hellcat runs from 1-27th August and is on at the underbelly venue 300. It starts at 17:40 and lasts for an hour. It is a 14+ and costs £10 (£9 C).

To find out more visit her website

Follow her on twitter @catrionaknox

To book tickets click here

The Music Box

Company: Recursion Theatre Company

"Laura is playing a game. Recursion Theatre Company presents award-winning writing, original music, choreography and artwork. As childhood and adulthood collide under the influence of the elusive music box, join in with a liberating exploration of the kaleidoscope that is growing up. Blur the boundaries of imagination in this intimate bedroom where no one is quite as they seem. The spellbinding repetition of the music box is enticing, but beware - Laura is playing a dangerous game, and outside the door a strange young man is waiting to come inside... 'Beautiful ... sinister ... wonderfully unnerving' (Varsity)."

It starts at 18:10, running from the 14-27th (exl 20th) at the Paradise at the Vault Venue 29. The show lasts for 50 minutes. It is rated U.
Ticket prices: £7.00 (£5.00 C)

For more information please visit:

Follow them on Twitter @PlayTheMusicBox

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We Got Rhythm

Company: NADSAT productions

"NADSAT Productions brings a world premiere to the Fringe in We Got Rhythm, a one-act play, lost since the 1930s. Loaded with satirical political discourse, music and dance, the show swings round the notion that nobody expects an artist to understand politics. All he looks for is something to hang a sort of song and dance on to, eh? Nora Ratcliff plunges the audience into a dervish of all types of performance to question the importance of our right to suffrage and of its dramatic discussion. A must-see for all ages from an award-winning company."

It is playing at the space @Surgeons Hall from the 13th-25th  (excl 19th) of August at 18:25. It lasts for 45 minutes and is a PG. It is at Venue 53. 
Tickets cost £8 (£7 C).

For more information about the venue please visit:

Follow them on twitter @NADSATheatre @Charlieoulton1

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So there we have a few more amazing acts to see this year. 
Make sure to book your tickets and as usual don't forget to comment below with any shows you recommend!

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