Monday, 3 September 2012

Post fringe!

So there we have it, another fringe is over and what a fringe it was!! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
During the fringe we saw some incredible acts from comedy to theatre and late night cabarets, each show as amazing as the next!
So here are some of the shows we managed to see while we were there. We wish we could have seen more but of course we  were working! We met some great people and although we only saw a small amount of shows they were all well worth the watch.

Doug Segal

Catriona Knox

Trevor Noah

Asher Treleaven

Al Pitcher

Danielle ward

Cariad Lloyd

Dylan Moran

Sarah Kendall


Foil arms and hog

Call me

Shirley and Shirley

Othello the remix

Spank (Shirley and Shirley, Sexy time, Diane Spencer, 

Late n Live (Imaan, Terry Alderton, The Boy with Tape on his Face, Tommy little)

Hot Dub Time Machine

So they are the shows that we managed to squeeze in during our stay in Edinburgh. We are going to do review posts on the acts so keep your eyes peeled! We hope you had an amazing time at the festival and please let us know if you want us to do a feature on your show or an interview!

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